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Z'acting the Summer Away

I've been very lucky to have gotten the chance to act in a number of Zoom-based readings, productions, and radio plays this summer with the Boston community and beyond. As an update, Tales from Camp Strangewood created by Sparkhaven Theatre has been going strong! The episode in which I am featured as Reagan, a young camper with television-related family trauma, Mister Champagne written by James La Bella and directed by Shira Gitlin, is available to stream on YouTube now (with captions available)!

I'm also so happy to have returned as a Teaching Artist at Somerville Arts for Youth for their 2020 Summer Institute where I have already taught a workshop on Z'acting: Voice and will return next week to teach another class on Environmental World-building for Zoom theatre. Go check out their page to see what they are up to and find out more about the other fabulous teaching artists!


Finally (before a secret project becomes public!), Chloe Hyman wrote an essay for HowlRound Theatre Commons entitled Specters of Queer Trauma in Nosferatu, The Vampyr.

The piece delves into the complex queer history of the Nosferatu, and how M Sloth Levine's retelling of this many-times-told tale through this play becomes "a powerful weapon because it dismantles the myth of the predatory monster at its core: the fusion of queerness and sickness that link all racial stereotypes about disease and immorality. In place of propaganda, Nosferatu, The Vampyr provides a story about the people affected by it." I'm so grateful to have been a part of this form-shattering production, as one of the first Zoom pieces to hit HowlRound.TV in the spring during the early parts of the COVID-19 crisis. Nosferatu lives on, and I hope to "inject" more characters with "sympathetic vulnerability," acting in Zoom productions for the foreseeable future.

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